Carawagon cabinetry fastening

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Carawagon cabinetry fastening

Post by welshwagoner » Fri Aug 14, 2020 4:32 pm

Hi there

First post here - I've a 1971 Carawagon that I'm looking at beginning to restore, probably partly done by a shop and partly by me as my (fairly limited!) abilities allow.

One of the first things I thought to do was to remove as much of the interior as possible to generally give it a refurb and get it out of the not-terribly-weatherproof interior.

Mine is sink and hob on driver side and a tallish shelved cupboard on the other, next to the fridge. I've found two screws that seem to screw into batons that sit behind the chequerplate below the side windows (hope this all makes sense!) but they alone don't seem to free the cabinets. Are they also screwed into the floor in some way?

Any advice much appreciated!

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Re: Carawagon cabinetry fastening

Post by Peaceand » Fri Aug 14, 2020 8:15 pm

Hello and welcome,
On the few original bits of mine (1972 5 door) that remained, there was another baton at the bottom, and screws through that into the 'front' panel. Can you see down the inside of the cabinet to see if there's anything down there? It'll be dark mahogany type wood and brass slotted screws probably.

I wouldn't expect any screws up through the floor from underneath, but you never know what a previous owner may have done.

Hob and sink on the drivers side sounds interesting and different, any chance of some photos before you dismantle the interior?

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Re: Carawagon cabinetry fastening

Post by RMS » Sun Aug 16, 2020 1:48 pm

As Patrick says, there's usually a length of timber screwed to the floor, then screws through that to the base of the cabinets from behind.

On one of mine, the under-bed woodwork is fixed to the side wing with screws through from the outside, but I'm not sure that was original and there's no evidence of screws through the wing on the taller cabinet/wardrobe side.

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Re: Carawagon cabinetry fastening

Post by welshwagoner » Sun Aug 16, 2020 2:00 pm

Cheers guys - this is really useful info. Next time I’m up at the carawagon I’ll take some pics (it’s at my folks’ place as they’ve the space).

The setup is two opposing benches which turn into a double bed on the driver side, a double cabinet with sink (electric pump) and stove behind, and then fridge on a little raised plinth next to the aforementioned tall cupboard. Little chance of any modification - it’s been with the family since new! I’ll try and do a members motors post before too long to introduce myself and the car

Cheers for your advice so far
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