For sale, Carawagon 1968 back body and roof for restoration

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For sale, Carawagon 1968 back body and roof for restoration

Post by chippit » Fri Jul 10, 2020 10:16 pm

For sale on ebay my 109 carawagon back body and roof for restoration.
eBay item number:

Fantastic opportunity to buy a genuine carawagon back body and roof. It is very much in kit form. I have carefully saved the plywood so that the original pieces can be used as patterns to replace all the wood for the folding roof. I also saved the duraluminium sheet but this unfortunately is very damaged and will need to be replaces, again i have saved it for a pattern. All the rubber for the seals and hinges can still be bought.

The back body itself is in really good condition, most of the interior had already gone but the seating, bunks, original roller blinds, cupboard for the cooker and fridge comes with it. (It will not include the cooker but does include the original fridge) It also has the poles for the pull out framework which takes a tent on the back. It has been dismantled since these photos were taken, please note it only comes with the carawagon roof not the hard top shown in the photo (trailer not included) buyer will need to remove and help get it out.

Change of circumstances forces sale.
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