Shipping a Land Rover overseas?

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Shipping a Land Rover overseas?

Post by jkhackney » Fri Nov 20, 2020 4:12 pm

Hi everyone-

I mentioned this idea in Ian's thread about Colorado -

I know some of you do big expeditions. How do you ship the Land Rover? And do you accompany it on board ship, or fly?

I'm a USA native and I was toying with doing a Dormobile tour there, but my Dormobile is of course here in Europe. There's a company in Germany called "Seabridge" offering a roll-on, roll-off ferry for campers to the USA, with stops in Holland, the UK and Canada. The shipment would cost about as much as renting a "recreational vehicle" in the USA for several weeks.

The idea of waiting around in a hotel if the ship arrives late, taking an expensive taxi to the harbor, waiting around for hours for paperwork, and finding a smashed up Dormobile robbed of its contents is dampening the enthusiasm a bit.

There's the possibility of accompanying the Land Rover for 2 weeks in a ship ... ? Then I guess you just get in it and drive off, once through customs?

What are your experiences and recommendations? How do you manage bringing spares along? And valuable tools and camping supplies?

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