200tdi into a 6 cyl 2a lwb

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200tdi into a 6 cyl 2a lwb

Post by dickandjill » Wed Jun 30, 2021 9:39 am

I am considering fitting a 200tdi into a 6 cyl 2a lwb
I am aware the gearbox is set further back and that the bell housing will need changing to a 4 cyl one also that 4 cylinder engine mounting brackets are needed to bolt on to the 200tdi
What chassis engine mounting brackets will I need to use ? Can the 6 cylinder ones be cut off and moved ?
I am also considering using an LT77 main gearbox and and Ashcroft adapter to mount it to the Series transfer box but will still need to move the chassis engine mounting brackets.
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Info: Restoring a 1969 Dormobile

Re: 200tdi into a 6 cyl 2a lwb

Post by YMLD » Wed Nov 17, 2021 10:45 pm

Helo. I am new to the forum. I am currently restoring a 1969 2a Dormobile. It originally had a 6 cylinder petrol but has been replaced with a diesel 4pot at some point.

I'm on the look out for an origional 6 cylinder to bring it back to its original glory.

Are you any closer to replacing your engine? I would be interested in giving you an offer if you do take the 6 cylinder out.
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